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 Docs Multi-Sectoral Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance in Cambodia 2019-2023

  - Multi-Sectoral_ActionPlan_on_AMR_2019-2023.pdf    

Docs Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for Cambodia Laboratory-bases AMR Surveillance System

   - 2017_AMR_Surveillance_SOP_approved_KH.pdf

   - 2017_AMR_Surveillance_SOP_approved_EN.pdf

Docs Approved  AMR  Strategy &Policy

   - KH-Cambodia-National-Policy-to-Combat-AMR,22July2014.pdf

   - KH-Cambodia-Strategy-to-CombatAMR-3years,22July2014(FINAL).pdf

   - Eng-Cambodia-Strategy-to-Combat-AMR-3years,22July2014.pdf

   - Eng-Cambodia-National-Policy-to-Combat-AMR,22July2014(FINAL).pdf


   - Blood culture criteria poster V3(khmer).jpg

   - Specimen poster AHCv3 0.PDF

Docs Others

   - Clinical Practice Guidelines (PDF),

     (Standard antibiotic treatment guidelines for Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE (SHCH) and HOPE Medical Centers (HMC))

   - AMR-Surveillance-Flow-chart-Modified.pdf

   - AMR-Surveillance-Form.pdf

   - Nomination-of-AMR-WG (JPG) Page1 | Page2 

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