CamEWARN: Cambodia Early Warning System

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CAMEWARN has a case-based surveillance system which covers 7 epidemic prone diseases and syndromes. It involves weekly zero reporting from health centers, referral hospitals and two pediatric specialty hospitals in Siem Reap to the Communicable Diseases Control Department (CDC), Ministry of Health. New web-based software has been created for reporting. All provinces have been trained in the use of the new software. Data is available by health center. The aim is to monitor disease trends and detect outbreaks early to enable timely response by Rapid Response Teams (RRTs).

 I. The flowchart of reports from the various health facilities

Chart Feb 2019b

 II. Weekly CDC Disease Surveillance reports:

To download a report, right click on any of the following week and click Save target as... for Internet Explorer or Save Link As... for Firefox.

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 III. SRI weekly report (W1-46)

chart 4