The  Ministry  of Health  would  like to  inform  the  population  of Cambodia  and  more  specifically,  any traveler  planning  to go to or coming back from the Arabian  Peninsula, that  a new disease  called MERS has been identified in some countries.

The  Middle  East  respiratory  syndrome  (MERS) is  a  viral  respiratory  disease   caused   by  a  novel coronavirus (MERS-CoV)  that  was  first  identified  in Saudi Arabia  in 2012.  Coronaviruses are  a large family of viruses  that  can cause  diseases  ranging  from the  common  cold to Severe  Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

As of 15  May 2014, globally, 572 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection  with  Middle East respiratory syndrome  coronavirus (MERS-CoV) have officially been  reported globally, including 173  deaths.  In the Middle-East: Jordan,  Kuwait, Oman, Qatar,  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  (KSA), the  United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Yemen; in Europe:  France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the  Netherlands  and the United Kingdom (UK); in North Africa: Tunisia and Egypt; and in Asia: Malaysia and the Philippines; and the United States of America. Download English version | Khmer version